Dželelagić, Hasid

Year of the incident: 
Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dželelagić, Hasid
Member of the Cazin Public Security Station
Convicted of: 
War crimes against civilian population in the form of murder
Factual basis: 
In the second half of September 1995, after the members of Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina captured a Serb civilian and took him to the premises of the Ostrožac Headquarters, after a few days Hasid Dželalagić, together with a group of members of the Cazin Civil Defence, took a Serb civilian from Ostrožac to Cazin to carry out a certain task. Upon getting out of Ostrožac, Hasid Dzelalagić ordered the driver to stop, took the Serb civilian out of the vehicle and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

First Instance Verdict

Bihac Cantonal Court
Sentenced to five years of imprisonment