Zorić, Milenko

Year of the incident: 
Bosanski Petrovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zorić, Milenko
Guard in the Kozila prison
Convicted of: 
War crimes against civilian population in the form of intimidation, inhumane treatment and violation of bodily integrity
Factual basis: 
From June to August 1992, Zorić Milenko was performing duties of a guard in the Kozila prison in the then Bosanski Petrovac municipality. Together with other guards, he violated the detainees’ bodily integrity, treated them inhumanely and applied intimidation measures against ten Bosniak civilians. In addition to physical abuse using fists, batons, feet, and rifle butts, Milenko Zorić, together with other guards, forced civilians to beat each other, threatened them that he would slaughter them, submersed their head in water, forced them to bark like dogs, put his gun against their heads and forced them to kiss a knife with the four Cyrillic letters S engraved on its handle.

First Instance Verdict

Banja Luka District Court
Sentenced to one year of imprisonment